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Join roadworthy 2 u

Become a Roadworthy Inspector with Roadworthy 2 U 

Working with Roadworthy 2 U means being a part of a more extensive community network that values growth, mutual trust and respect. We help you through the whole process of becoming an Approved Examiner. 

We want to learn and improve continuously, so we maintain an open feedback-oriented mindset. And most importantly, we care – about creating sustainable careers, about each employee’s experience.

We offer a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all team members, and we’re always open to all feedback.

We recognize that people want flexibility regarding their work, so we give you a choice. You make your own choices as to when, where and to what qualification you engage in inspections.


Working with Queensland Largest RW Network

The largest network of inspectors, many years of experience and an understanding and progressive atmosphere. Our systems and training capitalize your earning potential.

Work at your pace

You're the boss! Flexible working hours backed by a fully online booking management system. You choose how many inspections you wish to complete daily. Cant work certain days, no problem. Get back your personal life.

Get off the tools!

No more trying to find that elusive 10mm socket covered in grime and oils whilst under the pump. 

Be in control of your earnings

Remember you're the boss, which means you're in control on what you earn for each day.

Supporting all technicians

No technician is left to themselves. We have a wonderful support system in place. You can talk to other technicians, talk directly to the owners and have direct access to all information regarding TMR.

Advertising done for you

We have a team that will do advertising for you. We have many types of advertising running for Roadworthy 2 U which producers 100's of leads each week. We take the stress out of trying to find the work.

Testimonial from a roadworthy 2 U technician: 

“I have been working with roadworthy 2 u for over 2 years now. This opportunity has given the flexibility to set my own hours, ability to grow my business and be able to have more time with my family. Roadworthy 2 U gave me security to run my business with a constant workflow coming in. Working with roadworthy 2 U comes with an amazing support network which includes all other technicians around Queensland, Financial stability, and a business I could walk right into. If you are sitting on the fence about joining roadworthy 2 U I highly recommend jumping in, it’s one of the best decisions I have made.” Michael Hervey Bay technician

Lets talk about the opportunity.

Talk to the founders and co owners of Roadworthy 2 U, Queensland's fastest growing mobile roadworthy company. 

We have several options available ranging from full time fully advertised opportunities to casual established mobile mechanic AIS add on. 

Call Kent on 0400009024 or Hayden on 0424532070

Email - 

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